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High Pressure Globe Valves Water and Electricity Production
Fields of application

Chemical industries, power plants, ship building and other.

Design Highlights
  • Die-forged valve body and bonnet
  • Seats are hardfaced or welded on
  • Body-bonnet connection male and female
  • Body and bonnet in two separate pieces with bolted connection
  • Free from porosity and shrink holes
  • Extremely resistant to wear
  • Sealing blow out proof
  • To ease maintenance work, e.g. regrinding of the body seats


  • Straight body
  • Die-forged valve body and bonnet
  • Shut-off disc, Fig. No. 200 AE
  • Shut-off disc with yoke sleeve, standard features AJ
  • Trottle disc with yoke sleeve, standard features BJ
  • Trottle disc standard features BE
  • Outside screw and yoke
  • Position indicator if required
  • Turning and rising stem (AE/BE)
  • Non-turning, rising stem (AJ/BJ)


Pressure and Temperature Ratings
  • Pressure rating BW-Ends up to 160 bar
  • Pressure rating FL up to 160 bar
  • Temperature rating up to 550 °C
  • 1.0460
  • 1.0566
  • 1.5415 only with BW-Ends
  • 1.7335
  • 1.4571

Further materials on request.


Depending on the material the valves are suitable for water, gas, oil and other non aggressive media.