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High Pressure Globe Valves Water and Electricity Production

Explore Our Range of High Pressure Globe Valves that Enhance Efficiency and Safety.

Fields of application

Chemical industries, power plants, ship building and other.

Design Highlights
  • Die-forged valve body and bonnet
  • Seats are hardfaced or welded on
  • Body-bonnet connection male and female
  • Body and bonnet in two separate pieces with bolted connection
  • Free from porosity and shrink holes
  • Extremely resistant to wear
  • Sealing blow out proof
  • To ease maintenance work, e.g. regrinding of the body seats


  • Straight body
  • Die-forged valve body and bonnet
  • Shut-off disc, Fig. No. 200 AE
  • Shut-off disc with yoke sleeve, standard features AJ
  • Trottle disc with yoke sleeve, standard features BJ
  • Trottle disc standard features BE
  • Outside screw and yoke
  • Position indicator if required
  • Turning and rising stem (AE/BE)
  • Non-turning, rising stem (AJ/BJ)


Pressure and Temperature Ratings
  • Pressure rating BW-Ends up to 160 bar
  • Pressure rating FL up to 160 bar
  • Temperature rating up to 550 °C
  • 1.0460
  • 1.0566
  • 1.5415 only with BW-Ends
  • 1.7335
  • 1.4571

Further materials on request.


Depending on the material the valves are suitable for water, gas, oil and other non aggressive media.