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Dielectric unions are designed to be installed between pipe made from dissimilar metals to prevent accelerated corrosion and deterioration in the piping system due to galvanic and stray current. Dielectric unions are available with different end connections Male or Female Pipe Thread. Standard sizes are upto 2 Inches (50mm).

It is ideal in applications such as hot water storage tanks, water and air conditioners, processing tanks, steam, gas, and water piping.

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  • Female or Male iron pipe thread to solder connection
  • Designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards
  • Factory certified to withstand a minimum of 600 volts on a dry line with no flashover
Maximum Pressure 250psi (17.2 bar) with standard gasket A; 50psi (3.4 bar) with optional gasket B
Maximum Temperature 180°F (82°C) with standard gasket A; 300ºF (149ºC) with optional gasket B