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Induction Street Lighting Luminaire Road Networks
  • Epoxy Powder Coated Pressure Die-Cast aluminium, Clear Tempered Glass cover

Induction lamps are hybrid fluorescent lamp technology that eliminates the need for electrodes and filaments generating light by means of a high frequency transmission of energy combined into a gas discharge. However, instead of using metal prongs, which often break or become stripped, induction bulbs are excited through a powerful electromagnet positioned outside the bulb.

Induction lighting is a more economical light source then LED’s and provides an advantage in efficiency and maintenance as compared to conventional lighting. However, considering ease of installation, handling, maintenance, better lumens per watt LED still surpasses Induction Lights.Application in Freeways, highways, parking lots, roadway, public entrances and off street areas.


  • Nanoflex treated reflector.
  • IP65 Protection.
  • UL Listed.
  • Instant On Lights with 100% output in all rated conditions.
  • Split Generator and Lamp Compartment.
  • Input power voltage 220 V – 240 V
  • Operating Temperature: -20 Deg. C to 40 Deg. C and operating humidity 10% - 90%
  • Input Frequency – 50/60 Hz
  • Generator type: Class P Type 1 outdoor
  • Uses Solid State Amalgam technology (no liquid mercury inside lamp)- 5 mg in compliance with RoHS.
  • CRI – minimum 80 CRI
  • CCT- 2700 - 6500K
  • Limited warranty applicable is 5 years.
  • Power factor: >0.95 at full load.
  • THD: < 10%
  • Wattages: 40,55,70,80,100,120,150,200 and 250W
  • Flicker and stroboscopic effect free
  • Low EMI design.
  • CE and RoHS compliant.
  • Streamline contour for high wind resistance.
  • Gas tight silicon rubber seal.
  • Hydro formed aluminium reflector