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Fire Survival Wiring Industrial Units, Warehouses & Fuel Stations

Mineral Insulated Fire Survival Cable is the only inorganic, no smoke, no burn, no toxic or irritant gas release cable on the market, as such it is the true fire survival cable in the World.

We are the ultimate choice in supply of the world’s largest range of mineral insulated cable. The cables uses the unique seamless tube manufacturing process.


  • Mineral Insulated Cable is without question the ultimate fire survival electrical cable system
  • It comes in two forms :
  • Copper sheath (Survives for 3hrs+ @ 1050°)
  • Alloy 825 sheath (Survives for 2hrs+ @ 1200°)
  • It provides proven upto 3 hour escape time in ‘Real World’ fire conditions
  • It’s the only electric cable to pass BS6387 ‘Enhanced’ which specifies only one cable for all 3 tests allowed
  • The only electric cable to pass modern furnace tests – i.e. German standard ISO834-1, test DIN 4102 1000°C 90mins
  • The only cable technology approved & listed by UL2196 for ‘unrestricted installation’