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Air Valve Infrastructure & Pumping Station Networks

Air Valves perform two important functions in a piping system. They maintain system design efficiency and provide system protection. System efficiency is maintained by venting air via the air valves from the system that can restrict flow and increase pumping costs.

Protection is provided by exhausting and admitting air through the air valves during system operations including start-up, shutdown, and critical conditions such as power failures or line breaks. The exhausting and admitting of air during these conditions will reduce the potential for destructive surges and water hammer normally associated with uncontrolled air or a vacuum condition within the piping system.

We supply the most comprehensive Air Valve product line offered today. From the smallest simple lever air release valve to the largest surge-suppression combination air valve, all are provided standard with Type 316 stainless steel trim and floats. All Air Valve floats are unconditionally guaranteed. Clean Water Air Valves are certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 61 for drinking water components. All air valves meet AWWA C512 requirements.


  • Designed according to EN1074 - 4,
  • Standard flange drilling to EN1092-2 (ISO 7005-2)
  • Variant: 851/10-001
  • Flanged Connection
  • Ductile Iron Material
  • DN: DN50-150mm


Use For potable water to max. 70°C
Hydraulic Tests Seat : 1.1 x PN Body : 1.5 x PN
Applicable Standards Design to EN 1074-4 Drilling to EN 1092-2 : PN25
Options Tool for orifice cover

Materials List

1 Body,bonnet,cowl,side chamber Ductile Iron EN 1563 EN-GJS-500/7
2 Guide bottom, guide top GP-22 natural ABS WRAS
3 Seat ring, guide ring GP-22 natural ABS WRAS
4 Large and small orifice GP-22 natural ABS WRAS
5 Orifice bracket/cover Nylon WRAS
7 Grooved pin, plug Stainless steel A4
8 Bolts, nuts, washers Stainless steel A4
9 Coating Internal and external fusion bonded epoxy coating (300 microns) WRAS