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IPS Y - Strainer Irrigation Pumping Station

Y-Strainers are simple machines that are designed for removing unwanted solids from gas, liquid, or steam lines mechanically with the help of a perforated or wire mesh straining element. They are mainly used in pipelines for protecting pumps, control valves, meters, steam traps, regulators, and other process equipment. They are the most cost-effective straining solutions for several applications. In cases where the amount of material that needs to be removed from the flow is relatively small, which results in long intervals between the screen cleanings, the strainer screen is cleaned manually by shutting down the line and removing the strainer cap. For applications having heavier dirt loading, Y-strainers can be used with a "blow-off" connection which allows the screen to be cleaned without removing it from the strainer body. Y-Strainers are used for a wide gamut of liquid straining applications for protecting the downstream process system components in many industries like chemical processing, petroleum, power generation, and marine. In water handling applications where Y-Strainers are used for protecting the equipment which could be damaged or clogged by unwanted gravel, sand, or other debris which are very common. Y-Strainers though are used in several types of liquid applications, they are considered as the standard for steam applications and are very commonly used in these applications. It is cylindrical in shape, compact, very strong, and can handle a lot of high pressures. It is mainly a pressure vessel. Y-Strainers can handle pressures of around 6000 psi. In these cases, the strainer’s design is critical so that it can stand up to these high pressures without fearing failure. In cases of high-pressure steam handling, another complicating factor arises which is temperature. With steam pressures of around 1500 psi or more, standard carbon steel is sometimes not suitable as the steam temperature may be 1000° F or higher. The Y-Strainer body in these cases is mainly made of chrome-moly steel. Apart from steam, Y-Strainers are often used in natural and air gas applications. In these cases, high pressures are not uncommon. However, unlike steam, high air pressure does not automatically means high temperature and so ordinary carbon steel bodies having sufficient wall thickness will generally suffice.

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