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Lift Check Valve - Bronze Plumbing Products

In common plumbing and industrial applications, lift check valve – bronze is used. They are having a body of bronze along with a disc of PTFE. They can be installed over a vertical or horizontal position. These valves have been designed for preventing flow reversal inside a plumbing system. They get activated with the material of flow inside the piping. The pressure of the fluid which is passing via the system can open the valve while any reversing of the flow will close down the valve. The check mechanism’s weight, by spring of back pressure or with the combination of all these, the closure can be accomplished.

Lift check valve – bronze is used commonly inside plumbing systems inside which the globe valves are used for controlling the flow of the valve. These valves are having a very similar arrangement of seating as per the globe valves. These valves are highly suited for installing in vertical or horizontal lines having upward flow. These valves are mostly recommended to be used with air, steam, water, gas and vapor lines which are having high-velocity flow. Flow towards the lift check valves should always enter under the seat. When the flow is entering, the ball or disc gets raised within guides from the seat by upward flow pressure. When the flow gets reversed or stopped, the ball or disc gets forced over the valve’s seat by both gravity and back-flow. Some lift check valve types are needed to be installed horizontally. This design has the ball suspended by a guide ribs system. These check valve design types are mostly employed in check valves made up of plastic. The seats of the metal body valves are either with the body integrated or contains seat rings that are renewable. The construction of the disc is much similar to the construction of the disc of the valves having either composition or metal discs. Using the same technique, the seat and metal valves can be reground as it is used for the globe valves.

Lift check valve – bronze can prevent the line of suction from getting empty mostly after the pump is stopped. Before restarting, the priming of the pump is no more needed. These spring-loaded valves can be installed in almost any type of mounting position. In comparison with the other types of valves, they are having head losses which are much more as the deflection of the flow is very significant. For all your requirements of Lift Check Valve suppliers in the Middle East, you can get in touch with Dutco Tennant LLC.


  • Screwed BSP Parallel (ISO 228/1)
  • Bronze Body
  • PTFE Disc
  • BS 5154 (BS EN12288)


Max Pressure 20 Bar (3/8 - 2”) 16 Bar (2½ - 4”)
Working Temperature

-10°C to +180°C (3/8 - 2”)

-10°C to +170°C (2½ - 4”)