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Swing Check Valve - DZR Brass Plumbing Products

Swing check valve - dzr brass are used for preventing reverse flow of fluid in steam and water applications. These are having a metal-to-metal seat where each of them is threaded NPT or connections with solder end along with a Lead-Free body of brass.

We are offering Swing Check Valves having diameter 50 to 600 having weight and lever, spring and lever or having closed bushings. These valves are having very easy access for maintenance and can be installed in case of both vertical and horizontal positions. Swing check valves are mounted with a disc that keeps swinging on a shaft or hinge. The disc can swing off the seat for allowing forward flow and the disc swings back over the seat when the flow gets stopped for blocking the reverse flow. The disc’s weight and the flow in return create an impact on the characteristics of shut-off of the valve. For achieving the highest level of performance, in many cases, weight and lever or spring and lever get mounted. Swing check valve - dzr brass with weight and lever are highly suited for installations having a higher risk of water hammer in standard velocities. These valves with external springs and levers are suited for high pressure, high velocity of flow and insufficient pressure on the back. One thing which is important and we need to be aware of is about while the installation of a swing check valve is that they are not completely free of maintenance as the disc requires to be cleaned every once in a while. The lever in further cases gets mounted for enabling visual check. These valves are often used in areas where there is a presence of personnel. Our supplied range of Swing Check Valves is designed with a steep focus over very easy to maintenance. Just by unscrewing a few bolts, the bonnet assembly which includes the hinge and the disc can be removed from the body and maintenance can be done.

The EPDM rubber light-weight disc comes with lip sealing and the steel insert needs a very minimum force for closing and opening of the valves. The disc stays mounted over a nylon bushing which allows it to move slightly both vertically and horizontally for closing the completely tight also in cases of minor impurities in the seat.

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  • Metal-to-metal seal
  • Lead Free* Brass body
  • 1⁄2" - 1" threaded end connections
  • 1⁄2" - 1" solder end connections

Technical Data


125psi (8.6 bar) WSP

200psi (13.8 bar) WOG non-shock