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LTE Caching Data Traffic Management and Delivery

Increase of mobile traffic have mobile ISP to face with several challenges such as service degradation by burst traffic, poor QoE by transmission delay, more infrastructure expansion and higher operation cost. Mobile operators today are facing challenges to overcome, such as service degradation from surge of mobile traffic in burst, poor QoE by transmission delay, and increased cost for network expansion and operation. With traffic optimization technology, LTE Caching reduces traffic more than 30% in LTE network to resolve congestion over LTE core/backhaul and saves huge costs for infrastructure expansion and operation.

Key Features

  • Over 30% Traffic Reduction in LTE Network with Traffic Optimization Technology
  • Over 150% QoE enhancement regardless of LTE network congestion by applying Mobile Edge Caching Technology
  • High Quality Mobile CDN Service

Benefits for Mobile Operator

  • Significant Cost Reduction for LTE Network Expansion & Operation
  • Keep Existing Subscribers by Providing Enhanced QoE for Mobile Service
  • More Revenue with High Quality Mobile CDN Service