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Moving Bed Biological Reactor for Water Treatment Water Treatment Municipal Waste Water Treatment

MBBR is the most commonly used technology for sewage treatment. It utilizes carrier media for biological growth and in terms of biological degradation.

The MBBR system consists of an activated sludge aeration system where the sludge is collected on recycled plastic carriers. These carriers have an internal large surface for optimal contact water, air, and bacteria.

Moving bed Bioreactor (MBBR) offers an economical solution for wastewater treatment when the "bulk" of the pollution load requires to be disposed of (as means of cost reduction) or if applicable in case of not so strict discharge regulations. We offer advanced wastewater treatment solutions for the municipal markets, with this application. The efficiency and capacity of existing wastewater treatment plants are significantly increased with these solutions which actually minimizes the size of new plant deployments. It is made possible to attain good efficiency results of disposal with low energy consumption by this method. For the removal of organic substances, denitrification and nitrification, this process is used.