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The use of a retractable seating system has become commonplace in areas where space is at a premium. The extending or closing of the seating is operated either automatic or manual. Our retractable seats is an excellent technological system composed of multi-tiered platforms that use limited space/arena for multi-purpose usage with one-by-one row operation electrically(motor-driven) as well as manually. The retractable seating solution will be advantageous as it takes a maximum seating capacity in a limited area/space. Retractable Seats are a high-class range of extremely stable retractable tiered seating systems having folding and unfolding functions which has been designed according to international standards. These systems are the optional solutions to be used in demanding environments of public seats like schools, theatres, universities, arenas and multipurpose areas. The closing and opening mechanism of the tiered platform is completely automated with the help of a remote controller. As the retractable seating gets opened, the seat rows will get folded and unfolded row by row. This raised process can either be manual, automatic or semiautomatic. Having a wide range of seating options, ultimate flexibility and low maintenance, the systems offer complete life safety. Reliability along with return on investment. Retractable Seating is also known as Telescope Seating. We supply a wide variety of options for retractable seats. We are proud to achieve an enviable reputation globally for the reliability and quality of our retractable chairs. From lofty arenas to school auditoriums or comfortable studios, we are known to deliver engineered flexible seats for suiting a vast circle of budgets and requirements. We can also offer custom-prepared solutions for each venue and can also offer instant visualization, estimation and flexible, useable BIM objects also.

Choose us for the following –

Exceptional Durability

Unmatched reliability and longevity are our main focus points. Several customers of our business are till date enjoying their retractable seating even after two decades. There are unique functions in our systems for preventing jamming and ensuring that the tiers safely lock in place all the time.

Unmatched stability and strength

Our structure’s integrity has been verified individually by renowned safety experts.

Custom Solutions

Every solution offered by us has been designed custom for the requirements of the client. We can design chairs which can fold just like you want them to.

Suits Perfectly

Having a wide range of finishes and options from us ensures that your seating can be beautiful enough for a theatre or performing arts auditorium or are hard enough for halls of schools or sports centre.

Exceptional After-Sales

Our After-sales service is highly renowned and offers you all the support you will be needing throughout your life.