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Ring Stiffness Mechanical Testing Equipment

The Ring Stiffness Tester from Testometric is designed to measure the ring stiffness, ring softness and creep rate for plastic pipe. The Testometric Ring Stiffness Tester is controlled remotely from a PC that can be placed a safe distance away from the frame. The easy to use software is included with the frame and can be installed on any newer PC.

The unique design makes this tester especially suitable for large diameter plastic pipe testing. The rigid compression plates ensure the results will be free of machine deflection and increases the accuracy of the test results.

Testometric tester determining ring stiffness, ring flexibility and creep ratio of thermoplastic pipes having a circular cross-section. Further, the tester can be used for determining ring softness/flexibility as well as creep ratio. Ideal for testing applications up to 100kN. More capacity also available.