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Roots Pump (RP) and Roots Pumping System (RPS) Accessories Vaccum & Leak Detection Solutions

Spare and upgraded parts to keep the pumps and systems running properly.

Vacuum Fluids for RP and RPS

Pump performance can be significantly impacted by using pump fluid that is not specifically suited to the pump's operating conditions and design parameters. For performance, choosing an incorrect pump fluid can limit the pump's ability to achieve its design specifications.

For reliability and service life, choosing an incorrect pump fluid can result in loss of lubricity, leading to premature wear and shortening of the pump's service life. Agilent pump fluids are specifically formulated to assure performance to specification, and optimal lubrication, and service life.

Variable Frequency Drives for RP and RPS

The Agilent Variable Frequency Drive of the RP and RPS pumping system eliminates the need for separate pressure monitoring and switching-on of the root pump. By operating the roots pump at the correct rotational speed to optimize the gas flow to the backing pump as pressure is reduced, the 'knee' in the pumping speed curve of the backing pump / Roots pumping curve is eliminated, shortening pumpdown times, and reducing stress on the rotational elements.

Inlet Filters and Traps for RP and RPS

Selecting the correct Inlet Filter to remove whatever particulate matter or fluids that may be entrained in the process gas flow allows Agilent's High Capacity Rotary Vane pumps to maintain optimal pumping speed while protecting against premature wear to the pumping mechanism.

Agilent offers a selection of Inlet Filters and Traps to remove most types of contamination that could cause loss of pumping speed, and shortening of pump life.