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Bleachers Seating Solutions

As a premier distributor of sporting seating solution goods and equipment, we are happy to offer a wide selection of bleachers and benches needed for any field or facility in a number of sizes, styles and colors that can be used in universities, colleges and schools, sports stadiums, etc. Our aim is to tackle large-scale projects with our custom field bleachers that are designed to meet your facility’s specific needs and help maximize the amount of seating available. We supply you with an exceptional range of bleacher chairs that are made out of rust-proof aluminum structures and planks having the option to upgrade to seats that are colorful and powder coated along with backs. We are also having premium style options too. We have a mission to go beyond the expectations of all our partners and customers, vendors and employees with a proactive culture that has been dedicated to customer service, innovation, teamwork, employee engagement and quality. You can find options to purchase from researching to installation and beyond that. Our aluminum bleachers can offer the spectators and fans a great experience of seating while also offering universities, high schools, cities and other organizations a cost-effective, durable solution that can stand up to decades of usage. The bench-style design takes the standard stadium seating to new dimensions by offering more comfort and visual impact. They have been created with high-class extruded aluminum, stadium bench backrests which are bracket-mounted over the underside of the bench and can be matched in color with the home team colors. The tread depth needs to be at least 30 inches while adding a backrest. While you are planning your new grandstand project or expansion and renovation, you need to keep in mind that spectators need more comfort for the long-duration events.

The aluminum coatings can add eye-popping color to the stadium bench seats which is a great way to show the colors of your team and also showcase the logos and names in larger venues. Normally the finish of the backrest is anodized and the color options can be found additionally. The conventional height of the bleachers offers an exceptional economical seating solution for just about any type of outdoor venue. Dutco Tennant LLC is here to supply you with bleachers for all your requirements in the Middle East.