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Spa Channel - SS Plumbing Products

Modern shower drainage solution allows achieving more space in the bathroom thanks to the integration of the shower area with the bathroom floor. We offer a wide range of gratings, suitable for individual bathroom designs. No matter what if you are building a completely new spa or renovating the existing one, our stainless-steel spa channels are perfectly suited for use. You can maintain a highly sought-after resort-style look with our stainless-steel channels of architecturally designed gratings that delivers the highest surface water drainage. The design process of a spa area must not be neglected as with a spa area that is poorly designed, the safety can get compromised of the users along with the longevity of the area. The spa edge should offer drainage away for avoiding the creation of any hazardous conditions within the spa enclosure and make way for unobstructed wastewater and backwash drainage. It is dangerous to have a combination of poor drainage of pool water and tiles or concrete surroundings. Accidental falls and slips over the pool decks are very common because of the large amount of moisture present on the smooth surface. The creation of a durable and nice-looking spa can be a little difficult. Several factors in the environment can make a contribution towards possible corrosion with the drainage components. Our range is the best option for spar surroundings as it can offer a high-end look while maintaining sustainability. With our range, you can maintain an architecturally design narrow profile without compromising efficiency. The finish of the design seamlessly blends with the paved surroundings while delivering the highest drainage of surface water and sustainable design. We are supplying a comprehensive series of grates, channels and wells which can be used to promote the correct drainage of rainwater and surface water. Each of the stainless-steel spa channels has been reinforced and designed for guaranteeing strength and functionality for withstanding various classes of load.