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SSL Traffic Monitoring Data Traffic Management and Delivery

SSL Prism is an all-in-one network appliance designed to analyze and control SSL traffic and deal with various security threats without the hassles of reconfiguring existing network appliances already deployed on your network. SSL Prism can integrate with both inline appliances and other network devices by providing a serious of models based on 100M/1G/10G network interface and processing capability. We offer maximum reliability with a built-in bypass card and an optional SSL acceleration card to guarantee fast SSL traffic processing. Our TST (TCP Session Transparency) technology provides strong and selective traffic decryption and seamless network transmission while monitoring entire traffic transparently comes from all network ports. SSL Prism is an essential network appliance that provides session-based analysis about the entire network flow including SSL-encrypted traffic which was a previously impossible target through L7 analysis.

Key Benefits

  • Single Box Network Appliance as a Breakthrough for All SSL Traffic Issues.
  • Decryption Port for Integration with 3rd Party Network Appliances.
  • Secure Control of Many Different Internet Detours.
  • Powerful Filtering and Policy Control.
  • Decrypt SSL Traffic from All (standard/non-standard) Ports without Deterioration.