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STUDIO LUMINAIRES provide bright, color corrected illumination. They combine innovative design, quality materials and superlative workmanship to produce an elegant and durable lighting system. Each one is hand made in our own workshops. Each unit has six fluorescent tubes which are switchable in pairs to adjust the level of illumination. Light output and spread is optimized with an efficient reflector behind every tube and a color coded grille at the front to prevent light spill. The aluminum chassis has a rounded profile along all edges and at all corners for handling, comfort and a handsome appearance. The corners are fully welded and smoothly finished, so there are no sharp joints or grooves to catch objects, clothing, fingers or hair. Luminaires are mounted in a yoke which allows rotation. At the midpoint of each yoke is another mounting which locates in the pantograph, stand, or wall bracket. This also allows rotation to complement that of the yoke. Both movements are lockable.

Products Covered

  • Desk Lamps & Magnifier Lamps
  • Light Box Table
  • Work Benches & Tables
  • Studio & Wall Easels