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Triple Eccentric Type Butterfly Valves Water Transmission - High Pressure Line

Since their introduction to the market more than 50 years ago, triple offset valves (TOVs), which are also known as triple eccentric valves, have continued to evolve, while uses for this type of valve have expanded across multiple industries. Originally designed for water shut-off applications, design enhancements through the years placed this versatile butterfly valve among other industry staples for performance in the harshest conditions of critical process environments. At the same time, these valves have always had certain parameters within which they can operate effectively. TOVs offer countless benefits to the industry, and most recently they’ve received attention because of the role they can play in controlling fugitive emissions.

  • Body: SCW 410 of KS D 4106 (steel item for welding structure) or GCD 450-10 of KSD 4302 (ductile cast iron)
  • Valve disc: SCW 410 or GCD 450-10
  • Valve stand: STS 304 or STS 410 of KS D 3706 (stainless steel pole)
  • Body metal sheet: SCS 13 or STS 304 KS D 4103 (stainless steel item)
  • Disc metal sheet: STS 304+special material of KS D 4103 (stainless steel )

Sizes : DN200 –DN2000. Higher sizes can be custom made.


  • Fire resistant
  • Corrosion resistant to highly aggressive medium
  • Reliable seal on high as on low working temperatures
  • Resistant to small solid

Technical Data

  • PTFE max. 200°C (max. 392°F)
  • GRAPHIT max. 350°C (max. 662°F)
  • PRESSURE: PN 10/16


Gearbox and handwheel, gearbox and electric actuator, pneumatic, electrohydraulic and weight