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Tripod For Sprinkler Sports Turf Irrigation (Golf Course, Sports Stadium)

Take a look at our professional tripod for a sprinkler which is ideally intended for watering beds, lawns, borders, and also tall shrubs and plants. It comes with adjustable legs for the desired height between 40 to 95cm. The residential adjustable telescoping tripod can adjust in 2 stages from 25" - 48" in height. It comes with a "Gooseneck" swivel hose attachment for easily connecting the hose. This is the best option available for an adjustable tripod for sprinklers. It is great for uneven grounds where one or two legs can be adjusted for making sprinkler head level. It can turn every oscillating, circulating, multi-pattern, and spray sprinklers into a high-level sprinkler for watering taller plants evenly from a height.


  • Ideally suited to offer greater functionality - Now you can water taller plants with this amazing tripod. It supports almost all types of sprinklers.
  • Foldable Legs of Tripod – Quick setup, compact and space-saving storage of the tripod is guaranteed by the folding legs of the tripod.
  • Easily assembled – No tools are needed to connect the sprinkler and the tripod.