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Intelligent Carriers

The carriers can accommodate high tolerances of pipe outside diameters - up to 44mm, with interlocking "spring" effect ensuring gasket & grippers retract so product slips over top tolerance pipe without interferance.

Unique UltraGrip Sealing Gasket

Specially profiled gasket ensures full seal even on scored and corroded pipes. Tested on "knurled and grooved pipe", as detailed in "Specification for Methods of Repairing Leaking Ferrous Gas Mains Part 4: Pipe Repair Clamps, Split Collars and Under Pressure Branch Connections (GIS/LC8-4):2006", to verify the sealing capability on severely corroded and pitted pipe in low pressure gas applications.

Simple to Fit

Captive bolt heads allow use of a single spanner to install with reversible orientation of the bolts in couplings and reducing couplings to accommodate site conditions.

Progressive Gripping Mechanism

Increases its end load restraint capability as the internal pressure in the pipe increases. One gripper system suits all recommended pipe materials and offers full end load resistance at full angular deflection.