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UPVC Pipe and Fitting Landscaping Works

It is a necessity to have free-flowing, clean, and safe water irrespective of what may be the type of property. It can be commercial or residential. Since time immemorial, people have been experimenting with several materials to figure out a suitable material that offers a proper water supply. We are supplying with a wide range of UPVC pipes for residential and commercial plumbing requirements which owe to the advantages which these pipes are bringing with them. UPVC is meant by Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride. UPVC is an ideal choice for residential and commercial constructions because of its strong resistance to chemicals and elements of nature.


  • They are harder than PVC. During the manufacturing of UPVC pipes, additional plasticizing polymers are also not used. This is the reason behind UPVC pipes to have more rigid consistency compared to PVC pipes.
  • UPVC Pipes and Fittings have been manufactured with the help of virgin unplasticized and eco-friendly polyvinyl chloride compounds. Because of the chemical resistance of UPVC, it has taken up an integral part of the plumbing.
  • UPVC pipes and fittings are durable, light in weight, and resilient. These pipes also ensure very low or no maintenance. As they are having 1/5th of the specific weight of steel pipes, they guarantee lower transportation cost and easy installation.
  • These pipes are resistant to mineral, can withstand corrosion and the effects of hardware conditions. These pipes will not get corroded or scaled. High strength and resistance from UV are offered by UPVC pipes.
  • As they are cost-effective, these pipes also offer low operational and installation costs. As they are durable and tough, they can save the costs of replacement in the long run.


  • For drinking water supply lines, and as a covering for tube works, UPVC pipes are used.
  • They are used widely for manufacturing raising mains in tube wells and UPVC downpipes.
  • As UPVC pipes are non-metallic in nature and they are resistant to all the other types of metallic corrosion, these make them the best choice for sewer pipelines and discharge.
  • Without any regard to the nature of the transportation fluid, UPVC pipes can behave neutrally. It is because these are made from tasteless and odorless materials.
  • UPVC pipes are used widely in sewerage systems as they don’t allow any type of deposit in the pipeline.
  • As these pipes are non-conductive to combustion and fire, UPVC materials can make a good option for electrical installation. They offer an extra layer of safety.
  • UPVC plumbing pipes and fittings are also used for the purpose of ventilation inside bathrooms.