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Diaphragm Type Control Valves Water Transmission - High Pressure Line

Discover superior flow management with diaphragm type control valves. Enhance performance and efficiency effortlessly.

  • Heavy duty piston type performs more reliable and precise control of the fluid
  • Less maintenance and longer life
  • Welded valve seat enhances resistence to wear
  • Full bore globe type design to reduce head loss
  • Top entry design to facilitate maintenance
  • Valve piston as a control device with V. Ports for precise proportional control curve to suit the system
  • Suitable for any control operation as pressure control, flow control, water level contra, pump contra, etc.
  • Pilot circuit equipped with a strainer, which ensures that the pilot control valve will not become blocked
  • No membranes to avoid fatigue cracks
  • Multiservice in one single diaphragm valve also available

Operating System

  • Hydraulically
  • Electrically (solenoids or geared motor)