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In the sewage water management, the primary tasks are storage, transporting and cleaning of sewage water and rainwater runoff. Different types of sewage gate valves may be used for wastewater depending on the type of wastewater. Additionally, the sewer gate valves used in these processes have to meet very specific technical requirements. Dutco Tennant LLC offers a wide range of sewage water products in the Middle East and GCC market.

One of the most important things to consider in the sewage technology is the protection against blockage of the passage. You also need to have smooth and corrosion-resistant passage surfaces. If you have to deal with highly contaminated sewage, you should attach great importance to the choice of materials and manufacturing technology for complete protection against corrosion. Dutco Tennant LLC has proven expertise in numerous projects that have been completed throughout the Middle East and GCC region and offers a wide range of backwater valves.

Some of the drainage Gate valves, supplied by us are Resilient Seated Gate valve Rising Stem and Non-Rising Stem, Metal Seated Gate valves, and Knife Gate Valves.

The metal-seated gate valves are suitable for numerous applications such as for managing supply & the distribution of water, wastewater and industrial water.

Knife Gate valves are most commonly used to control liquid, solid and slurry media. An important benefit is that the valve offers free passage when it is open. Knife Gate valves can be used as a midway flange or a terminal gate valve, and these valves come with an external spindle screw which is not exposed to the medium.

Important features of sewage valves offered by us are:

  • They have non-clogging full port opening that does not limit the flow when the valve is open.
  • We offer stainless steel Gate valves that resist corrosion and are designed for full closure even when it is used for slurry medium, such as in a drain line.
  • The Gate valves have stem which is not exposed to the corrosive waste water to ensure that it is durable and consistent.
  • Just by looking at the valve you can tell whether it is open or closed. This prevents unintentional opening or closing of valves.
  • The valves are covered by long term manufacturer warranty.
  • Valves have simple and compact structure, sensible design, steadfast sealing, light material and flexible operation.
  • These valves are easy to install and you can replace them from the line without disrupting the sewage water network.

We supply sewage Gate valves to the Middle East and GCC region. We have supplied Gate Valves to Saudi Arabia, U.A.E and other gulf countries.

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Resilient Seated Gate Valve – Non Rising Stem

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Resilient Seated Gate Valve – Rising Stem

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Metal Seated Gate Valve

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Knife Gate Valves

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