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Our wide range of products and service offerings are categorized into various business units. These units are divided according to their types and uses.

The stp related materials used for wastewater aeration is required for the biological process and also to provide mixing to keep solids suspended for more effective treatment. In aerobic processes, the pollutants in the wastewater are removed by the living microorganisms. In order to accomplish this efficiently, the aeration equipment must not only be capable of transferring oxygen from the atmosphere to the wastewater but also maintain sufficient uniform mixing of the micro-organism with the oxygenated wastewater without breaking up the activated sludge flocs.

Although there are many types of aerator wastewater equipment systems, the two basic methods of aerating wastewater are through mechanical surface aeration to entrain air into the wastewater by agitation, or by introducing air or pure oxygen with submerged diffusers.

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