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Aeroponics Agriculture and Horticulture

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Aeroponic systems nourish plants with nutrient-laden mist. The roots are held in a soilless growing medium, such as coco coir, over which nutrient-laden water is periodically pumped. Aeroponics simply dispenses with the growing medium, leaving the roots to dangle in the air, where they are periodically puffed by specially-designed misting devices. In the Aeroponics system, seeds are “planted’ in pieces of foam stuffed into tiny pots, which are exposed to light on one end and nutrient mist on the other. The stem and root mass are held in the place by the foam as the plants grow.

This new and modern farming system comes with a lot of advantages too. Eliminating the growing medium is very much helpful for the faster growth of the plants as the extra oxygen they are exposed to results in faster growth. Aeroponic systems are extremely water efficient as the closed-loop systems use 95 percent less irrigation than plants grown in soil. As the nutrients are held in water it gets recycled too. Aeroponics can grow large quantities of food in small spaces. As this system is fully enclosed, there is no nutrient runoff to foul nearby waterways.

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