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Altitude Valve/ Level Control Valve Potable Water

Dutco Tennant LLC is one of the biggest suppliers of industrial and engineering solutions in the Middle East and GCC region and also a company which believes in making the customers as the first priority. We believe that each and every customer is unique and each of them may have different needs based on their project requirements. With the advancement of time, Science and Technology are rapidly developing and along with that, the demands of customers are evolving every day. We are a growing company and are always trying to bring forward modern and advanced solutions for our customers by collaborating with various manufacturers worldwide. With our dedication to service and punctuality, we have been trusted by thousands of customers and have contributed behind various projects including industrial plants, water treatment projects, museums, schools, colleges, offices, shopping malls, hospitals, airports, etc.

Dutco Tennant LLC is a long-established player in the field of supplying valves and equipment for potable water and wastewater management. For the last four decades, we have participated in innumerable projects to supply water and wastewater products that help in production, distribution, and conservation of clean, drinkable water. Our product range consists of Gate Valves, Control Valves, Butterfly Valves, Check Valves, Ball Valves, Air Release Valves, Flap Valves, House Connection, Pipeline Accessories, and DI Pipes and Fittings.

Potable water control valves are equipment that is used to control and direct the flow of fluid inside a pipe. Control valves control the flow of fluid inside a pipe through a spherical ball or another similar mechanism. These valves are used to regulate process variables such as pressure and fluid level in the process industries including water management.

Altitude control valve or level control valve is ideal for maintaining a preset maximum water level. The valve functions as a two-position control valve, either fully open or fully closed. The types allow normal forward flow to fill the reservoir to the maximum level and then close drip-tight at the set-point. It opens to refill the tank once the level drops an adjustable amount below the high water level. Distribution from the reservoir is through a separate pipeline.

The Altitude Control Valves offered by us regulates the high water level in reservoirs without the need for floats or other devices. These valves are non-throttling and remain fully open until the pre-set shut-off point is reached. Altitude valves can be configured for one way or two-way flow depending on system requirements and can be furnished with auxiliary controls for multiple functions such as pressure sustaining, pressure reduction, rate-of-flow control, solenoid override or other parameters as needed.


  • No overflows
  • Adjustable draw-down level (differential) set-point
  • Superior repeatability
  • Positive shut-off
  • Adjustable draw-down for improved water cycling

Typical Application

  • Higher Pressure Supply
  • Reservoir Tank
  • Provide connection to drain for displaced water from bonnet
  • Distribution to users
  • Sensing connected to drain line or to the reservoir directly (completed by others). Slope to avoid air pockets.

Technical Specification

  • Valve Body Type : Globe Type/ Angle Type
  • Body : Ductile Iron ASTM A 536
  • Bonnet : Ductile Iron ASTM A 536
  • Available Sizes : 50mm – 1000mm
  • Stem : Stainless Steel 316
  • Seat Ring : Stinless steel 316
  • Diaphragm : EPDM
  • Strainer : Brass
  • Altitude Pilot or Float Pilot : Brass/Stainless Steel
  • Check Valve : Brass/Satinless Steel
  • Isolation Valve : Brass/Stainless Steel
  • Tubing & Fittings : Copper, Brass,Stainless Steel
  • Float Ball : Plastic/Copper/Stainless Steel
  • Pressure rating : PN10,PN16,PN25
  • Coating : Non Toxic Epoxy