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Auditorium/Lecture Hall Seating Architectural Finishing Products


The scope of our supply in Construction Specialities includes architectural finishing products, flooring products, seating solutions, and sports & leisure products. Construction Specialities is one of our most expert and advanced branch of service offering. For the last four decades, we have been working closely with various public and private organizations in the Middle East and GCC region and have contributed behind the architectural development of various schools, colleges, hospitals, industrial plants, airports, museums, shopping malls, etc. We have been trusted by thousands of customers because of our unmatched quality and service.

We have been providing various seating solutions to match the diverse demands in the market such as cinema seating, stadium seating and retractable seating. Our seating systems are made using various technical features and multi-tiered platforms which use little space and provide comfortable seating position. These seating systems offered by us meet various standards of audience protection, sturdiness, and easy safeguarding.

For auditorium/lecture hall seating ranges our focus is to provide maximum comfort in less space. Our systems come with modern design and technically advanced features to include modern voice aids. We have solutions for sporting needs and we also offer a wide range of bleachers and benches for any field activity in a different dimension, fashion, and colors that can be used in colleges, universities, schools, & sports stadiums. Dutco Tennant LLC supplies different seating solutions such as bleacher seats, lecture hall seating, retractable seating, & auditorium seating for different indoor and outdoor places such as colleges, universities, schools, stadiums, airports, hotels, and various other places. You can get in touch with us if you want these seating systems for your projects anywhere in the Middle East and GCC region.

Auditorium/Lecture Hall Seating range is well known for its modern design and technologically advanced features. This range provides the necessary support for maximum comfort. The center pedestal and elegant pedestal gravity-fold-up seats make the seat simple and easy to clean. The large seat, armrests, and ergonomically contoured backrest with good lumbar support provide comfortable seating for many hours. We offer a great seating solution for performing art auditoriums, suites, and sports arenas. It features a minimalistic upholstered seating surface with elegant exposed wood outer structures. Taking form and function to the next level, we provide seating range with tablet arms – for writing, laptops and more. Altogether, our seating experience is an unforgettable moment that integrates style with highly advanced functionality.

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