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Automated Media Preparator Microbiology Lab Solutions

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For microbiology media solutions we offer usable, prepared, cultured microbiology media solutions available in various choices like plates, tubes, bottles, and others for the identification of microorganisms. These products have proved as the one which gives the highest levels of quality and performance to the microbiological laboratory. Dutco Tennant LLC’s ready to use Microbiology Media Solutions is one of the trusted brands and we are the foremost supplier of such products in the Middle East and GCC. Our microbiology media solutions support accurate microorganism finding, recognition, and nurturing. You can save time by removing the requirement of doing the groundwork, our media solution increases the overall working efficiency for any laboratory.

The preparation of agar medium is a routine task in today’s laboratories. The typical workflow is to dissolve the components in a flask followed by sterilization in an autoclave. However, this procedure has several disadvantages.

First, the numerous working steps make media preparation very time-consuming. Second, the sterilization temperature is usually controlled only in one single reference container, with the result that heat exposure may differ from sample to sample. Making things worse, the agar medium within the bottles cannot be stirred during the sterilization process – which otherwise would guarantee that it stays homogeneous. Lastly, it takes very long to cool the medium to dispensing temperatures and hence is exposed to a high temperature for a long time. As a result, the fertility of the agar medium might be impaired.

Automated Media Preparator eliminates all the above disadvantages. It allows for a much shorter process in which medium formulation and sterilization are carried out in one single step. The temperature of the agar medium is precisely monitored and controlled during the entire process. Permanent stirring guarantees homogenous temperature throughout the whole batch and an efficient plate heat exchanger facilitates rapid cooling. All these features prevent the medium from excessive heat exposure and thereby maintain its fertility.


  • MEDIACLAVE is designed to keep maintenance easy. The absenceof any heating element within the sterilization vesselmakes the cleaning of the vessel easy.
  • The integrated CLEANING procedure automatically sterilizesthe vessel, valves and the tubing inside MEDIACLAVE.
  • Hot,sterile coupling water is drained at the process end; dissolvingand removing unwanted agar residues in the system effectively.
  • This allows a complete decontamination of all vulnerable partsof the instrument and thus ensures the best possible environmentfor sterile media preparation.
  • An automaticindication of the next service to be due preventsunnecessary downtime, thus maximising the productivity of thewhole media kitchen.


Standard Agar Medium

MEDIACLAVE used for the preparation and sterilization of numerous types of culture media

Charcoal Agar

Preparing Charcoal Agar Medium using MEDIACLAVE

Fly Food Preparation

An optimized system for the preparation of Drosophila melanogaster (fly) food

Technical Data

  • Stainless steel cuvette 1 – 10 L 3 – 30 L
  • Autoclave cuvette (Ø, H) 254 mm, 203 mm -
Temperature range
  • Sterilization 30°C – 122°C
  • Dispensing 20°C – 80°C
  • Water bath 30°C – 80°C
  • Max. temperature deviation +1.0°C/-0.2°C
Stirrer speed
  • Selectable 50 – 200 rpm, reversing direction
  • Heating Capacity Max.3 kW Max. 9 kW
  • Interfaces 2 x RS232, Ethernet, USB port, AUX contact, footswitch, ext. pinch valve contact, footswitch
  • Cooling water connections ¾" thread ¾" thread
Electricity supply
  • All MEDIACLAVE 10 instruments 200 – 240 V 50/60 Hz, 16 A -
  • MEDIACLAVE 30, US/JP (136 050) - 200-208 V 3~/PE, 50/60 Hz, 30 A
  • MEDIACLAVE 30, EU (136 055) - 400 V 3~/N/PE, 50/60 Hz, 16A
Dimensions and weight
  • Basic Device (H x W x D) 480 mm x 550 mm x 640 mm 1040 mm x 550 mm x 640 mm
  • Weight 57 kg 85 kg