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Wastewater Back Raked Mechanical Screens Pretreatment Screens & Screen Handling Equipments

Back raked mechanical screen is the equipment that is used for solving the problems with connections to separation, filtering, and screening big and heavy sized solid materials and are preferred mainly in industrial and domestic wastewater treatment plants. These screen types are designed with large tooth rakes and clear opening for having a good capture efficiency. They can remove the most problem-causing debris and also protect the equipment. The number of rakes can vary according to the present number of solids. Our supplied back Raked Mechanical Screens are mainly made up of screen bars, frames, rakes, drive units, chains. They are mounted to the channel at a specific angle as this inclination allows them to handle more amount of debris. An electric reducer drives the chain and makes a continuous motion. The rakes which are mounted on the chain collects the screenings which are accumulated on the screens and carries them to the discharge level. To the chain mechanism, several rakes are mounted and it is placed on the back side of the stationary bars. The number of rakes can vary according to the amount of solid matter in the wastewater which needs to be screened. It is used mainly in plants having narrower channel widths.


  • Needs very less maintenance
  • Ideal for being used in narrow channels
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Comes with automatic cleaning mechanism by time or level sensors