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Dutco Tennant LLC brings the most experience, the highest quality product, and the best engineering innovation to bear on any engineered pipe support problem in the Fire Fighting industries. We believe that protecting people and property from fire is a social commitment with a purpose that transcends the bottom line. We continuously try to improve our product offering by introducing new products and enhancing existing designs to suit market needs. Our wide range of firefighting products provides you with the most reliable solutions backed with the guarantee offered by the globally renowned manufacturers whom we represent in this region. Every year thousands of facilities get affected by fire resulting in injury and building damage. The primary goal of fire safety efforts should be to prevent loss of life and property damage by installation & maintenance of reliable fire safety equipment. For residential building, offices, schools, multi-storied buildings, shopping malls, stadiums, etc. Fire safety has now become the most basic need. Installing fire alarms and proper evacuation signage is just the first step of minimizing fire damage.

Pipe supports are products which are used to support piping systems under thermal, seismic and other dynamic load conditions. We present for you the most experienced, high grade and the best engineering innovations to bear on any engineered pipe support problem in the Fire Fighting industries. Our range of pipe support systems includes Clamps, Hangers and Channel Support System that provides the perfect solution for every type of application.

Pipe Clamp is a type of clamp mainly employed in woodworking, piping or cabinet shops. The range of our pipe clamps provides the best solution for every type of application, without any regards to the type of pipes to be fixed: plastic or heating pipes, heavy-duty pipes, pipes for sprinkler systems, folded spiral-seam pipes or pipes that have to withstand extreme temperatures. The design of the different types of pipe clamps took different pipe diameters into account but we can also provide you with pipe clamps manufactured according to your specifications. Our extensive range of pipe clamps includes noise test reports for pipe clamps with lining and fire test reports for single bossed clamps as well as the necessary VDS and FM approvals for special applications like sprinkler systems. Our product range is characterized by speedy installation, simple locking techniques, reliable loading values, and excellent sound and vibration insulation values.

For all fire safety products and solutions in the Middle East and GCC region, feel free to contact us at any time.


  • One-piece design allows quick and easy installation of sprinkler pipes
  • Approved by VdS and FM
  • Ideal for suspension using threaded pins and threaded rods
  • Easy height adjustment on a threaded rod or threaded pin

Field of Application

  • For fastening sprinkler pipes as per VdS and FM Guidelines