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Hangers Buildings

Dutco Tennant LLC sets a high target to provide all our clients with the highest quality firefighting products. Each year thousands of facilities get damaged by fire and it may cause great loss of life. Dutco Tennant LLC looks forward to putting an end to this and provide all of our clients with the best safety solutions against fire. We believe that protecting people and property from fire is a social commitment with a purpose that transcends the bottom line. Our professional approach to this end gives us an edge that sets us apart in the Middle East as a reliable partner for a safer tomorrow. We supply fire extinguishers, fire sprinkler systems, fog nozzles, hydrants, firewater storage tank and other fire protection products to help surpass fire hazards.

Pipe supports are used to support piping systems under thermal, seismic and other dynamic load conditions. Dutco Tennant LLC brings forward the most experienced, high-quality products and most innovative solutions to bear on any engineered pipe support requirements in the Fire Fighting industries. Pipe supports offered in this section are designed to support pipe from a base structure where the vertical adjustment may be required. Our range of pipe support systems includes Clamps, Hangers and Channel Support System that provides the perfect solution for every type of application. Thanks to their speedy installation, simple fastening, reliable load values, and excellent vibration control values.

Pipelines need support from a foundation or structure. Depending on the mass of the substance that flows inside the pipes, their loads generally tend to fluctuate. Pipe supports are majorly constructed on the ground to enable them to exert an equal and opposite reaction. The main function of a pipe support system is to achor, guide, absorb shock and be able to manage varying loads. Pipes which are used in high or low-temperature applications have pipe supports with insulation materials. Pipe supports are designed to carry the weight of pipes, any in-line equipment and material in the pipe for over a defined span. Vertical pipe supports containing a rod are called as hangers. These hangers can be rigid, variable spring, or constant support hangers. The standard type Hangers are ideal for suspending stationary, non-insulated pipe lines, including CPVC pipes, in fire sprinkler systems. A knurled insert nut helps simplify vertical adjustments and flared edges on the base (1/2” to 2” sizes) help protect pipes from coming into contact with any sharp edges of the hanger.


  • Size range from ¾" to 8"
  • Made of carbon steel
  • Galvanised, other finish available upon request
  • Easy height adjustment due to knurled nut
  • Complies with Manufacturers Standardization Society MSS-SP-58 and MSS-SP-69 (Type 10)
  • Approved by FM and UL

Field of Application

  • Attachment of sprinkler lines