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Cable Earthing Link Box Distribution

Insulect manufacture a comprehensive range of fully-tested stainless steel link boxes for high voltage underground cables.

Insulect link box designs use various earthing practices to minimise sheath currents and provide sheath voltage protection.

  • Direct Earthing or SVL Earthing through sheath voltage limiter surge arrester.
  • Cross Bonding with insulation withstand between phases.
  • Cable Sheath Protection using metal oxide sheath voltage surge limiters (SVLs)
Available in two models:


ULTRA is our original Link Box design, built for demanding conditions and highest performance.

  • Material 316 Stainless Steel
  • Short Circuit 63 kA/1s
  • Enclosure rating IP68
  • Internal power arc 40 kA/0.12s
  • Pressure test meter 10M


The LITE is designed for for less arduous applications and where ease of handling and install is important.

  • Material 304 Stainless Steel
  • Short Circuit 40 kA/1s
  • Enclosure rating IP68
  • Internal power arc 20 kA/0.12s
  • Pressure test meter 2M


  • COMPREHENSIVE RANGE: Link boxes of all types for single core and concentric bonding cables
  • ABOVE OR BELOW GROUND Universal design to suit indoor, outdoor and in-pit installation
  • UP TO IP68 ENCLOSURES Fully tested and fully sealed stainless steel enclosures, rated at a minimum of IP68
  • AUSTRALIAN DESIGN AND MANUFACTURE Our link boxes have been designed, manufactured and tested in Australia for over twenty years
  • ALL EARTHING PRACTICES Direct earthing, SVL earthing, cross bonding, cable sheath protection


  • The Insulect range of Link Boxes includes two models - Ultra and Lite - and numerous variants to suit all underground cable applications and network requirements.
  • Our link boxes ensure a weatherproof environment for connecting links, whether for earthing or cross-bonding high voltage cables.
  • Link Boxes are part of our wider Switch gear product range, which includes switch gear for substations, overhead distribution and underground cable applications.