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The autoclaves (sterilizers) supplied by Dutco Tennant LLC have been specially developed for industrial sterilization applications, makes processes safer, easier, accurate, reproducible, and validatable. Our industrial autoclaves can be used in all industrial applications, even in the most demanding sterilization processes. These autoclave machines may be used for various purposes - like sterilization of liquids, sterilization of solids (like pipettes, glassware, and more), sterilization of waste things (destructive sterilization of liquid waste and solid waste), and biological wastes.

Our supplied industrial autoclaves are used throughout the world in pharmaceutical and life science laboratories. They are set to both traditional tasks like sterilizing glassware and instruments and preparing biological growth media. But sterilization is not just limited to the laboratory, many dairy operations, food processors, and even some wineries and microbreweries now rely on small industrial autoclaves.

Our autoclave sterilizer may be used as industrial autoclaves, for example, as production autoclave in the pharmaceutical industry or in the food industry. But how will you know which autoclave is the right choice for you? – A perfect autoclave needs to satisfy multiple criteria. Get in touch with us and we will help you find the right autoclave that is suitable for you, and which will rightly meet your requirements. We are a reliable supplier of autoclave sterilizer in the Middle East and GCC.

We will be happy to work with you and configure the optimal autoclave for you in terms of size and process technology. This will help you to perform your sterilization process safely, precisely, reproducibly, and in a way which may be verified. Put your trust in us who have decades of experience in offering instruments which may be used for steam sterilization and process development; we provide analytical instruments designed with the most complex autoclave technologies. Our relationship with the customer doesn’t end with shipping a product, that is just the beginning of a great relationship.

Specialties of Our Industrial Autoclaves are:

Choose from different models made for different tasks with sizes ranging from smaller volumes to large volumes.
You get universal installation options as vertical top-loading or horizontal bench-top autoclaves.
Made with the highest quality substance.

The heat and pressure in an autoclave may be used for a variety of products, thus improving the overall quality and strength of these products.

Composite autoclaves that can produce quality industrial solution products.
Our supplied industrial autoclaves have been used for decades throughout the developing world, often under the most challenging conditions. They are designed to cope with frequent power fluctuations, while our seals and fittings are designed for easy maintenance and replacement.