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Dutco Tennant LLC offers ready-made solutions to make organic waste treatment fast and simple for any waste converter system. We have solutions for every requirement – be it residential complex, corporate canteen or any other place, we have a solution for you! Our compost machine rapidly processes your everyday waste – vegetable cuts, fruit peels, food discards, and garden waste - into good quality compost which can be further used in agriculture, horticulture, gardening, and landscaping.

Dutco Tennant LLC based in Dubai, U.A.E. is a leading provider for useful and unique industrial solution for recycling of all kinds of bio-degradable waste, the food waste composting machine converts this waste into compost. Our company is involved in providing solutions for various social and environmental improvement activities. Our products are focused on areas like Organic Waste Management and Optimizing Natural Resources.

Organic Waste Converter is an easily usable decentralized Waste Management System, you can use it to turn large amounts of organic waste into compost. The system’s working is fast, simple, and requires minimal training for working.

We provide automatic waste converter machine as well. Its working is very easy – just fill it, shut it, forget it, and in a very short time, our systems can treat your organic waste. We provide compact, a stand-alone machine with easy operation. We provide compost machines manufactured by leading global manufacturers who have a most modern manufacturing facility, developing ultra-advanced high-quality compost machines for industrial and commercial purposes. We have a very wide range of compost machine available in different processing capacities. Four over four decades, we are helping hotels, canteens, temples, mess, factories, etc to manage their wastes smartly and innovatively. Compost Machines are available in both variants – Fully automatic Compost Machine and Semi-Automatic Compost Machine. We also take customized orders for compost machine according to the food and organic waste you need to process.

See Why You Should Choose Organic Waste Converter:

  • Helps convert various wastes into compost at various organic waste conversion sites.
  • Very quickly processes food waste for composting.
  • These analytical instruments are available at a very low price in the market.
  • No chances of bad smell, no messes, no pest problems.
  • You can do food waste management according to government rules.
  • With this OWC you can easily convert all organic waste from households, canteens, hostel, into compost, and this compost may be further used in our campus as manure.
  • Hundreds of Kgs of waste may be easily converted into compost and used for various purposes.


Incinerator for Paper Waste

Incinerator for Paper Waste