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Composting is the controlled biological decomposition and conversion of solid organic material into humus like substance called compost. Composting is the process of letting the nature to transform the organic materials into a material with environmentally beneficial applications. The process is aerobic, meaning it requires oxygen.

Composting is most efficient when the major parameters – oxygen, surface area, nitrogen/carbon ratio, moisture and temperature – Balanced healthy compost depends on five things :

  • Oxygen
  • Temperature
  • Moisture
  • Surface Area
  • Carbon/Nitrogen Ratio


  • Cylindrical Vessel : Cylindrical design of the machine provides more surface area required for the composting process. Also, it helps ensure easier agitation of the loaded waste.
  • Compact Design :  The machine is designed such that it can easily be accommodated in less space for its rated capacity.
  • Odourless :  The machine is equipped with a bio-filter which contains a carbon source for removal of bad odour from organic waste.
  • Quick ROI :  This design enables return on investment within the shortest possible time due to the nature of waste. The cost of the equipment can be recovered in short span.
  • High quality compost :  This machine gives high quality of compost provided factors such as temperature, moisture, oxygen, C and N ratio are maintained as desired.

Type of Wastes Handled

  • Airport waste
  • Animal/Slaughter House Waste
  • Dry Leaves
  • Food
  • Municipal Garbage Waste
  • Poultry Waste
  • Sludge
  • Wood/Paper


  • Apartments
  • Food and Confectionary Industry
  • Hospitality Sector
  • Hospitals Medical Establishments
  • Hostels
  • Poultry Industry
  • Remote Camp Sites

Products Covered

  • Liquid Waste Incinerators
  • Incinerator for Animal Waste
  • Precious Metal Recovery Incinerators