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Dutco Tennant LLC supplies certified Class I and Class II Biosafety Cabinets that provide personnel, product, and environmental protection through the use of laminar airflow and HEPA filtration when looking to obtain optimum control over product quality while reducing the potential for exposure.

Laminar laboratory biosafety cabinet is used in a wide array of applications in the medical, manufacturing, and technical research fields. Laminar flow enclosures may be configured to offer vertical or horizontal airflow, depending on the applications' requirements. Each setting is best suited to certain applications and offers a host of benefits.

Horizontal laminar flow hoods are suited for applications which require negligible turbulence on the work surface. This makes them fit for use with chiefly small utensils and apparatus that will not cause airflow disorder. Applications that require more contamination control go for horizontal flow as hands and gloves are positioned towards the ground of the sample while working. Dutco Tennant LLC is a preferred choice for biological safety cabinets in and around the Middle East and GCC. We supply a range of ergonomically designed benchtop and console models which can either be recirculated back into the laboratory environment or into a facility exhaust system through the ductwork. Choose the one from us which suits your requirement the most or you can take advice from our expert team who can help you choose the right solution with their immense experience.

Vertical laminar flow hoods are preferred for applications which require large equipment’s use on the work surface as the workspace is bigger with less turbulence caused by the vertical airflow. These cabinets are preferred for many applications because of their similarity of cleanroom configurations. The air flows downward which can help in pushing particles down and away from the work area.

Laboratory Biosafety Cabinet for Promoting Research:

With the help of laboratory biosafety cabinet, you can create a unidirectional laminar flow across the work surface. Laminar flow cabinets are used for saving the work on the work surface. They do not cover the researcher as the airflow takes particulates from the work surface toward the research personnel.

Where biological safety is important, these laminar flow cabinets have safety certification for personnel, work surface, and ecological protection from airborne particles. This cabinet keeps a negative pressure within the cabinet to stop contaminants from escaping into the nearby area. Our microbiology lab solutions are ideal for life science researchers, biological uses, and for sterile product preparation in various industries.

Biosafety Cabinet

Biosafety Cabinet