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Healthcare providers around the globe have discovered the uniqueness of mobile health these days. The mobile medical unit which we provide is customizing RVs, Buses, Vans, and Ambulances with telemedicine equipment and wireless connectivity. They bring healthcare facilities to underserved populations, lessen treatment time in emergencies, and make life easier for the deserving people.

Mobile Medical Units have helped mobilize healthcare to conduct screenings, basic diagnosis and in some instances provide complex medical treatments closer to people’s homes. Regardless of the difficult terrain, low connectivity, or institutional barriers, medical care can be made available to people across socio-economic groups, with minimum expenditure and relatively lesser operations and management responsibilities, as compared to those required by fully functional hospitals.

Our medical vans are extensively used to take medical care to public places, commercial places, and other places. With optimum grade equipment onboard, these medical vans are laced with the latest technology as per the current global medical industry standards. Customized Mobile Medical Vans are provided to serve specific needs at nominal prices.

Dutco Tennant LLC is the leader in providing custom-built mobile laboratory medical unit on trucks and trailers as well as large trucks. With over forty years of experience and a highly experienced team, we can get you the best results. All our medical units are designed to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

We provide one of the most extensive fleets of flexible mobile medical unit and vehicles. Our tailor-made medical facilities can be adapted to suit various clinical environments and have been the backbone of mobile medical care for decades. We understand today’s challenging healthcare climate and pride ourselves in understanding our client’s requirements and providing cost-effective medical solutions.

We have mobile medical units which are recognized among the best in the world. Our knowledge and experience gives a unique advantage as we understand how to build the best mobile units in the world.

Taking World-Class Medical Unit to You:

  • Mobile units which are easy to operate, convenient to serve in rural areas.
  • Works equally well in hot or cold climates, and can be driven on highways and rural roads.
  • Units come with built-in generators, air conditioning, water supply, work counters, wooden cabinets, and an array of medical equipment.
  • All sensitive medical equipment are shock-mounted and installed in a position which is convenient for doctors and technicians.
  • They have medical and general equipment chosen to match the medical requirements of different locations.
Medical Unit

Medical Unit