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Inventive and most sophisticated handheld measuring tool packed with versatile features is provided by us. Our tools, save you more time in almost every situation and reduce error chances. For doing laser measuring, you have to just point and click the instrument to instantly measure long distances ranging a hundred meters. Even when measuring such vast distances, these instruments give you very accurate results like + 1 mm. Interpreting and reading are very easy with such devices. The extra bright laser lets you easily target even longer distances.

These handheld measuring tool devices are loaded with extra features like full inclination sensor, the corner angle feature, and a compass which make it easy to do accurate measurements even in hard-to-reach locations. You'll clearly see the results on the large, four-line backlit display. Whether you are working for residential or vast outfield projects, our laser measuring tools will help you do the accurate work on your own. Dutco Tennant LLC is a leading civil infrastructure product supplier in the Middle East and Gulf area.

The exact measurement is an absolute must for everyone who wants to guarantee precise and first-class work. That is why the best-measuring instruments are necessary. We offer a broad range of products from the field of measuring instruments. Dutco Tennant LLC offers various types of testing and measuring instruments, handheld, and desktop measurement solutions. But not only companies need measuring instruments. We do also address individual customers with cheaper solutions for daily problems. If you have any questions concerning our products or wish to enquire about any of our services or have a specific measuring need, do not hesitate to call us. Together we can find the right measuring instruments for the task at a hand and a solution to all your measuring needs. Products can be purchased via either the online shop, over the phone, via fax or by post. We feature products that have been tested various times and trusted all over the world.

Main Features in Our Handheld Measuring Tools are:

  • Easy usability for distance measurement.
  • Includes automated correction.
  • Gives improved visibility with a bigger backlit display.
  • Improved battery life which supports multiple measurements.
  • Measure a room’s diagonal and horizontal distance from a stable point.
  • Supports stable long-distance measurements as well.
  • Internal storage to store the last twenty measurements for a quick reminder.
  • Impressive environmental protection with water spray and dustproof sealing.
  • Covered by long-term manufacturer warranty.