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Rubber flooring has become a more accessible surface choice for building owners in recent years because of its versatility and durability. While rubber flooring is often associated with surfaces you’d find in a gym or hospital, this material has developed into an interior decorating option that accommodates heavy foot traffic and offers its own distinctive style. Rubber flooring provides ample opportunities to accompany whatever area of the building you are trying to enhance from a workout room to an enduring surface for a kid’s playroom. We are one of the most popular providers of rubber flooring solutions in the Middle East and Gulf region. Our rubber floor tiles are available in acrylic, wooden, vinyl and recycled rubber solution for a diverse range of surfaces in houses and offices. These indoor & outdoor flooring solutions have been designed as per the exact standards specified by international organizations. You can get in touch with us for the latest plan, colors, sizes, and shapes. Besides, our products are eco-friendly, durable, and designed to suit different types of requirements.

Rubber floor tiles are known to be durable and versatile and they have emerged to be the more accessible choice of surface for facility owners in recent times. These floor tiles are mainly associated with hospital areas or gymnasium but they have developed into interior decorating options which makes way for heavy foot traffic and makes the style distinctive. No matter if you are looking for creating your personal gym area or looking for an enduring surface for a kid's play area, ample opportunities are offered by commercial rubber flooring for accompanying every area of the facility which you are looking to enhance. They are either made up of natural tree rubber or synthetic materials which are recycled often from the tires of automobiles. These materials make way for an extremely durable and low-maintenance surface option for homeowners. There are also plenty of choices available when it is about the installation processes. From sheet to square edge tiles, interlocking tiles and others, these flooring options offer smooth resiliency and slip resistance which you can take advantage of.

Advantages of Rubber Flooring:

  • Durable – Rubber Flooring can stand the tests of time and traffic and can be counted on its resistance for any slipping or impact that could occur.
  • Versatility – While many people in the past often chose to only use rubber flooring in rooms like home-gyms or children's play areas, the style has developed into a more sleek, universal option for modern homeowners.

Our Rubber Flooring Products:

Our Rubber Tiles are fit for use in heavy footfall areas such as airports, shopping malls, industrial flooring, & commercial rubber flooring. These rubber flooring tiles with different types of surface finishing can be used in areas where a lot of people visit the place.

Our other product called Rubber Treads finds wide application as well in both indoor and outdoor settings. Our line of PVC-free rubber stair treads is the perfect solution to floor covering projects, whether in shopping arcades, retail houses, government offices, hospitals or airports.

Dutco Tennant LLC is a prominent provider of Rubber flooring products in the Middle East and GCC region. Many projects in this region have been completed with our help. You can get in touch with us for any kind of help with commercial flooring products. We have completed a number of projects in the U.A.E and we are a top flooring solution supplier in Dubai.

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