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Rubber Treads Walls, Floors & Roofs

Rubber Treads are used in stairwells across all applications. Our line of PVC-free rubber stair treads is the perfect complement to flooring projects, whether in shopping malls, retail settings, government centers, hospitals or airports. Most styles offer ADA nose-compliant features. Better yet, they coordinate with our other tile designs and colors. Stairs pose a serious amount of threat for people traveling through them. Though we may not face accidents on stairs daily all it needs is a very small slip or misplacement of the foot which can result in a catastrophic fall. Stair-related falls are recorded as the second most leading accident cause that creates the pathway for about one million injuries and around 12000 deaths every year. But with non-slip stair treads can offer major advantages. With more than 60% of stair-related falls which occur inside the home of the person, it is important to take extra safety precautions around the staircases which is a wise choice to be taken care of. Injuries like fatal falls or sprained ankles are very common. But with installing Rubber Treads on each step can prevent the stairways accident. The non-slip stair treads are unique products that have been designed to do exactly that. They are made out of rubber and have been shaped specifically for fitting around the steps. They are very much convenient and affordable for increasing the safety of the users.

Our supplied range of PVC-free rubber stair threads can perfectly complement the flooring projects for various facilities like retail facilities, shopping malls, government centers, airports or hospitals. Most of the styles can offer ADA nose-compliant features. They perfectly coordinate with the other types of tile colors and designs. They are free of phthalates, PVC and halogen, The palette has been cork-infused which comprises bio-based content from highly renewable resources. They can be obtained in various profiles like raised circular vintage, textured, low profile circular, raised square, abrasive strip, rib, diamond, smooth, hammered and other design profiles. There are safety abrasive strips that are standard on some of the product lines. There are ribbed rubber inserts along with custom strips that can be added too. Rubber stair treads completely conform with ASTM F2169, Type TS. They can be highly suitable for resistance to grease and oil.


  • Suitable for extremely heavy traffic areas
  • Studded surface finish.
  • Ribbed surface
  • Ultra resistant stair nose.
  • Free of PVC and halogens
  • Very fast installation flooring products
  • Cigarette burn resistant