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With economic and industrial growth, advanced and large power plants are also on increase. Nevertheless, we are finding so many cases where the cables, cable tunnels and many other components of a power infrastructure have lacked vitality and strength under constant operation. Even in extreme conditions, cable tunnels may not have seen maintenance. If complete power infrastructure is totally cut off and when unplanned outages can not be avoided, accidents can take place. For all these issues, cable temperature monitoring is needed.

Temperature monitoring of cables is very important in every sector where cables are installed. Real-time cable temperature monitoring can efficiently help in the early detection of faults, provides notifications and maintenance of power cables. The temperature sensor is the one stop solution that can monitor abnormal cable temperature along with cable tunnel fires. This is a powerful monitoring system to maintain critical power infrastructure.

People have to understand the requirement of fire detection in hazardous regions like conveyor belts, tunnels, factories, metros, airports and so on. The requirement for high voltage cable monitoring for subsea cables, buried cables and interconnects is extremely necessary.

Benefits of cable temperature monitoring are:

  • It monitors for 24 Hours, 365 Days
  • The monitoring system monitors cable temperature where the workers can not set feet
  • Helps in identifying all the trouble spots to lessen the damage
  • Any other control and power system in the lines are not needed.
  • The optical fiber sensors in the monitoring system need almost "no" maintenance.

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Cable Temperature Monitoring  (MV)

Cable Temperature Monitoring (MV)