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Generator Partial Discharge monitoring mainly identifies all kinds of risks of failure in stator windings of generators and motors along with isolated phase bus and switch gear. The generator partial discharge monitoring is a great solution for the rotating equipment that offers a complete picture of partial discharging events in varied operating conditions that may include variable loads along with temperature changes and many other parameters. This monitoring uses algorithms that help in detecting subtle anomalies in partial discharge data and gives users a clean picture of the condition of your actual generator with lesser chances of false alarms.

Generator partial discharge monitoring system is an ideal tool for asset managers for assessing the condition of generators, plan an effective maintenance strategy and lessen all risks of expensive failures.

The generator partial discharge monitoring has been developed to be analysed by the engineers with less expertise in partial discharging. It is a user-friendly tool for diagnosis of PD. It enables you with:

  1. In determining a better way for managing generator operating condition to lessen insulation degradation and expand life of generator
  2. It eliminates failure risk of generators
  3. It targets & manages maintenance of asset
  4. Saves most of the operating expenditures for partial discharge analysis and measurement.
  5. Allows an effective online partial discharge monitoring without stopping your generator operation
  6. It is a perfect partial discharge monitoring solution that users can scale from smaller industrial generator to big power generation plants

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Intego for Generator Partial Discharge Monitoring

Intego for Generator Partial Discharge Monitoring