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Dutco Tennant LLC provides automatic Flush Valves to fine-tune agriculture performance by lessening maintenance cost and increasing irrigation performance. Our Valves offer important benefits thanks to their next-gen features. Our Flush valves are helpful in reducing sediment deposit, -- and they can reduce clogging as well. Our Flush Valves are helpful in designing long-term drip irrigation projects.

The Flush valves support automatic cleaning functioning, and then there is no need of periodic manual flushing. The Flush valves have unique design and they are just suitable for your irrigation network. Our agriculture Flush Valves let you work even when there is full-line pressure. The Valves can even be disassembled for winterization “Blowout”, and they may even be used to protect your agriculture system. What are the typical applications of these Valves? Our agriculture Flush Valves are just fit for irrigation, and they are suitable for various Irrigation water.

Important applications of our Landscaping Flush valves are:

  • Most suitable for surface and underground irrigation application.
  • It can automatically flush-out the drip lateral at the beginning of every irrigation.
  • They take less manual labor in installation.
  • They have strong-built, they have to have a simple structure, and they are durable.
  • Valves have been built with good-quality, chemical resistant matters.
  • They have big water passages for full-flow water supply and maximum output.
  • Feature large variety end connections to go with different Drip Lines.
  • Valves have a red ring for quick & easy identification and inspection.
  • The Flush valves may be easily opened and cleaned.

Provided with easy ON/OFF threaded facility, you can open them with ease for removing dirt from sub-main. A special `O´ ring for leak-proof performance. Valves have a large opening for removing dirt from the pipeline. We are a leading Agriculture Flush Valves supplier in the Middle East and GCC.

Highlighting Features –

  • Quickly flushes the entire boom section with the turn of a handle
  • Reduces opening flush time by 55 seconds per valve compared to standard Express™ End Cap with plug
  • Easy to use and does not require any tools to open to flushing mode
  • Compact valve design limits the length it extends beyond the last nozzle body to fit most boom structures
  • Chemically-resistant, stainless steel ball and Viton o-rings extending the life
  • The handle includes standard wrench square head slot to operate in hard to reach spaces
  • Express™ End Cap removes trapped air in the boom, reducing nozzle turn-off time by 85%
Flush Valve For Agriculture and Horticulture

Flush Valve For Agriculture and Horticulture