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Flush Valve For Agriculture and Horticulture Agriculture and Horticulture

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The flush valves are mainly used to automatically flush the lines of a drip system at the beginning of each irrigation cycle. They are installed at the end of each drip line or drip lateral and they release approximately one gallon of water each time the zone is turned on. These valves help to reduce the maintenance of your irrigation system and increases dripline performance. For periodic flushing of the irrigation system at the start and end of each irrigation cycle, they are used. A small amount of water passes through at the start and end of each cycle, flushing debris that may have accumulated in the system ensuring optimum system operation and performance. Suitable for diverse irrigation applications, our supplied flush valves clean out the dripper line at the beginning of each irrigation cycle and reopen prior to the next cycle. It must be made sure that while installing an automatic flush valve that it is covered with an 8” irrigation box. It is recommended to observing the flushing operation after the completion of the installation to ensure that each valve is flushing properly, and then to repeat this observation at the beginning of each irrigation season. The pressure must be checked and compared to the lat maintenance inspection.

Modes Operation

Normally open – full opening at the beginning of the irrigation cycle.

Flushing – while pressure builds up in lateral, water velocity flushes the debris out through the opening.

Closing – A small quantity of water flows into the upper chamber, causing the diaphragm to seal openings. It remains sealed until the irrigation cycle ends, and then the diaphragm gradually opens again.


  • No moving part, no spring
  • Withstands chemicals and fertilizers
  • Low sensitivity to water quality
  • UV Resistance
  • Simple structure, easy assembly, and reliable operation