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What are the uses of Gate valves in Agriculture & Horticulture water network? This type of Valves is the most common Valves used in the Agriculture & Horticulture water network. Gate valves are widely used for all types of applications and are suitable for both above-ground and underground installation. Not least for underground installations, it is paramount to choose the right type of valve to avoid high replacement costs. Gate valves are designed for fully open or fully closed service. They are installed in pipelines as isolating valves, and should not be used as a control or regulating valves. Operation of a gate valve is performed doing an either clockwise to close (CTC) or clockwise to open (CTO) rotating motion of the stem.

Gate valves are often used when minimum pressure loss and a free bore is needed. When fully open, the typical gate valve has no obstruction in the flow path, resulting in a very low-pressure loss, and this design makes it possible to use a pipe-cleaning pig.

Dutco Tennant LLC is a reliable name in the field of Agriculture & Horticulture Gate valves in the Middle East and GCC area. Gate valves give a linear functioning and they may be used to start or stop the water flow in the Agriculture & Horticulture pipeline. In the Irrigation water pipeline, these Valves are kept either in a fully opened or fully closed position. Contact us for good quality Valves for your water network.

When you keep these Valves in a fully open position, the Valve’s disk is completely taken away from the water flow, allowing smooth water flow. When the valve is closed, the water flow in the pipes drops. The Gate valves are not the best choice for regulating water flow in the Irrigation network pipelines, and for that, you will need other Valves. Agriculture & Horticulture usually have high-pressure pipelines, the high-velocity water flow in the partly open Valves may cause decay in the Valve’s disc and seating surfaces, and that may cause vibrations and noise.

We have Valves which are safe from such effects. We can give you Agriculture Gate valves as per your unique requirements. These Valves have a wheel which is used to operate the Gate valve that moves it up and down. We have two Gate Valve varieties – rising stems or non-rising stems, -- the rising stem has the advantage that you can tell visually if the Valve is open or closed, while in non-rising stem this cannot be said visually. In our Valves, the Valve stem is decay-free and long-lasting. The Valves open and close slowly, and hence the water hammer effect is not there.

Gate Valve For Agriculture and Horticulture

Gate Valve For Agriculture and Horticulture