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Strainers make your Landscape & Irrigation system clean and durable. We provide self-cleaning pumps strainers from the world’s leading manufacturers, these pumps have been designed to clean dirty stream water before it enters a water pump. These Strainers improve pump performance and operating efficiency. If there is no strainer to clean supply water, your water pump and other costly equipment may choke, and you will have to pay the extra cost of maintaining the water pipelines. Our Strainers have multiple diameter holes.

Dutco Tennant LLC provides Basket Strainers which are a low-cost filter solution which has been designed to be used in the removal of inorganic contaminants from water. Basket strainers filter gross contaminants and can withstand a substantial amount of loading without failure. You can even use these Strainers as a secondary filter where the Strainers are intended to capture contaminants that may enter the system through any means.

Applications –

  • Removal of sand, rock, grit and other inorganic contaminants to protect drip and micro-irrigation systems with fine mesh filtration down to 200 mesh or 75 microns
  • 80 psi standard operating pressure (high-pressure systems available)
  • Flow ranges from 110 GPM
  • Can be used as a primary filter in specific applications
  • Can be used as a secondary filter to a sand media filter, centrifugal separator or another primary filtration system

What are the advantages of our Strainers?

We provide strong, rugged, field-changeable, washable, and replaceable polypropylene filters which are available in multiple sizes. These filters have easy-entry lid closure, and they are available in welded carbon steel. These features make our Strainers better than others.

The primary features and benefits of our products are:

  • They may be easily cleaned. Their screen revolves around the suction line, the stationary nozzles go off and push away contaminants, making a clean zone around the pump’s intake.
  • Our products can save your time and money. If there is a clean suction screen, your pump will operate smoothly, providing water to your field in quick time and using less energy.
  • Built Better: They have an internal suction tube which creates even through-screen velocity, using the full height of the cylinder.
  • Built to Last-Longer: They are made with Stainless Steel hardware, they have a rugged, buoyant body made with high-density HDPE plastics, and their screen is made with an aluminum sheet.
  • Interchangeable filter elements
  • Excellent mechanical strength
  • Low pressure loss
  • Easy to install
  • Wide range of applications
Y Strainer For Agriculture and Horticulture

Y Strainer For Agriculture and Horticulture