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The traditional qualities of ductile cast iron pipes make it extremely useful for irrigation. Ductile iron, also known as Spheroidal graphite or Nodular Cast Iron, retains the corrosion resistance of cast iron but has more than double the tensile strength of cast iron. The essential differences between Ductile and Cast Iron lie in the shape of the graphite in the microstructure of the metal. In Cast Iron, the graphite is present in plate-like flakes, which makes Cast Iron brittle. But in Ductile iron, the shape of the graphite becomes a spheroidal nodule, which increases tensile strength and makes Ductile Iron sturdy and shock-proof. Ductile Iron pipe is considered as the most preferred pipe material.

Dutco Tennant LLC uses the traditional qualities and strengths of ductile cast iron pipes to satisfy irrigation network requirements. ductile iron pipes and fittings of this range are available in various diameters – from 100 to 1000 mm.

Our pipes, which are recognizable by their special colors, are made with an exterior pure zinc coating covered by an epoxy layer, plus internal protective cement lining which is compatible with irrigation water. Our Irrigation network ductile iron fittings have an epoxy coating to protect them and give them a long life.

What are the key benefits of using our products? Our products give optimal performances: the pipes, fittings, lining, and coatings in our range combine to create a pipeline which offers high-speed flow, flexibility for curved networks, water tightness, and resistance to the corrosiveness of matters found inland fertilizers and other substances.

Our Ductile Iron pipes & fittings have straightforward installations. Their installation is simple and it can be done using standard site tools, without taking the help of specialists. We provide robust, leak-proof irrigation network solution which is perfectly suited to satisfy the requirements of irrigation projects.

Our Ductile cast-iron pipe systems deliver an unsurpassed technical performance:

  • Our Ductile Iron Pipes & Fittings are corrosion-resistant as they have internal and external coatings.
  • They give reliable exterior protection for all irrigation network installations.
  • These pipes have a high static load capacity.
  • These pipes are break-resistant and they have a long life.
  • Having big safety margin for pressure fluctuations, static overloading, and external factors, they are just fine for your systems. They have patented longitudinal positive locking joints.
  • Pipes and fittings are deflectable up to 5°.
  • Ideal for trenchless installations.
  • Irrigation network pipes and fittings are leak proof even at high internal pressures, negative pressures, and high groundwater levels.
IN Ductile Iron Pipes and Fittings

IN Ductile Iron Pipes and Fittings