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Air valves are hydro mechanical devices designed to automatically release air and wastewater gases or admit air during the filling, draining or operation of liquid piping systems for water and wastewater services. The safe and efficient operation of a liquid piping system is dependent on the continual removal of air and wastewater gases from the liquid piping system.

The effect of trapped air in a Pumping station can have serious effects on its operation and efficiency. As air pockets collect at high points, they restrict water flow in pipes leading to unnecessary high-pressure and energy loss. A pipeline with many air pockets can cause complete flow loss. Air Release valves are probably the best-known air valve and have typical sizes from half-inch to three inches. The valves have a small precision orifice from (1.6 mm) to (13-mm) to release air under pressure constantly during pipeline operation.

Air Vents offer more air release capacity than other vents of similar size. Our proven design provides reliable operation reduces water hammer incidents. Made of corrosion-resistant reinforced UV protected nylon – no metal parts to rust or corrode. Whether it's releasing large volumes of air at the pump station, releasing entrapped air in the line or breaking vacuum downstream of valves, Dutco Tennant LLC offers a variety of styles and sizes to fit almost every application.

Dutco Tennant LLC provides Irrigation Pumping Station network Air release Valves which are small-sized, innovative in design and have been made from high-performance uPVC compound. These valves have inventive Float design and large orifice opening which allows easy air exclusion and vacuum breaking. Valves have a special rubber seal to prevent leakage. Air Release valves are highly useful in Irrigation Pumping Stations, and they act as a safety valve to release entrapped air and break vacuum in the Irrigation Pumping Station network. These Air Release valves have a float to sense the air presence and a linkage mechanism which easily opens the orifice under full pipeline pressures.

The key features in our Irrigation Pumping Station Air Release Valves are:

  • We have valves available in different models such as dual-acting, continuous and combination types.
  • Our valves are durable, weather-resistant, and made with the non-wearable matter.
  • Removable top for maintaining a seal.
  • Protect the irrigation system and components from damage.
  • Locate them easily in Irrigation network as they have bright colored.
  • We have slam-resistant models as well.
  • Valves that seal in as low as 1 PSI.
  • Optional Valves to check network pressure.
  • Inlet is available in NPT or BSP.
IPS Double Orifice Air Valve

IPS Double Orifice Air Valve