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Flap valves are made of cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum, or rubber depending on the type of service. Small differential pressure on the back of the flap gate causes it to open automatically to allow discharge through levees, sewer lines or drainage conduits. When water on the face side of the gate rises above the water on the backside, the gate closes automatically to prevent backflow. Flap valves are equipped with flat-back seats for attaching to wall thimbles, headwalls, and existing pipe flanges. The seat or frame of the flap gate is attached to a wall or pipe flange and forms the opening through which water passes.

Dutco Tennant LLC provides Irrigation Pumping Station Flap valves – these valves can work in different temperature and environment conditions. They are fit for gravity flow applications and wide temperature range application. The Flap Valves are used to prevent backflow of water via a spring-loaded Flap present at the pipe’s opening. Our company offers Flap Valves, in these valves, the Flap and Backplate are made with HDPE and Stainless Steel.

As HDPE has specific gravity, these valves are provided with Stainless Steel counterweight to ensure that Valve closes when there is back-pressure. Nevertheless, low water-heads are required to open the flap. These Valves have a good design, and hence the counterweight in the Valve balances the Flap accurately. We offer Flap Valves with lip seals, and they provide a seal between the Frame and the Flap. Plus, there is a neoprene seal to stop leakage. We can also provide Flange-mounted, Tidal Flap, and other Flap valves based on your requirement. Dutco Tennant LLC provides good-quality Flap valves for our respected clients in the Middle East and GCC area.

The key features which make our products better than others:

  • These Valves are lighter than traditional Flap valves, and they are easy to install.
  • These Valves have lower installation costs.
  • Made with heavy-duty HDPE, these Valves survive being struck by rocks and other obstacles in the soil which can damage them.
  • Our Valves have waterproof qualities, which make them reliable and consistent.
  • Flap Valves with Stainless Steel hinges and no need for maintenance.
  • All our Valves can handle constant pressure.
  • We have a team of practiced engineers who can provide technical support for these valves.
  • Our Valves have a minimum life expectancy of 25 years.
  • The Valves have been made as per international standards.
IPS Flap Valve

IPS Flap Valve