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Dutco Tennant LLC provides high-quality, cost-effective Irrigation Pumping Station equipment – they are affordable and they give you the best value for money. We have an impeccable performance track record, as a Total Solution provider for various thermoplastics piping systems such as agriculture, water, gas, telecom, utility, sewerage, chemicals, industrial effluents, mining, slurry, coal, ash, SWR, Sun soil drainage, groundwater tapping, Lift Irrigation, Micro Irrigation and Sprinkler Irrigation hand pumps, house service connections etc.

Our vision to help the clients in Landscaping and Irrigation Pumping Station designing by providing international quality and cost-effective equipment – thus helping them in fulfilling their objective of shaping a world-class Landscaping & Irrigation infrastructure.

We are resolved to provide good-quality products which have been designed with the latest technologies in Irrigation technology & give it to our special clients. Do you want good-quality Irrigation Pumping station UPVC pipes & fittings in the Middle East and GCC? – We have a well-established network in this region, and we serve several countries.

A tradition of delivering high-value products which are technologically superior and are economical, and
we are amongst a few companies around which that has won client’s trust for our UPVC Fittings. We provide high--quality Irrigation Pumping Station UPVC fittings which have been designed as per international standards. Our company provides a wide product range consisting of different UPVC fittings for different applications in Landscaping and Irrigation. UPVC fittings have emerged as a favorite choice for designing Irrigation Pumping Station products.

What makes our Irrigation Pumping station UPVC Fittings better than others?

  • Vary less frictional losses and scaling which happens when there is precipitation.
  • Products with smoother bore which gives superior flow characteristics in comparison to other fittings.
  • Lightweight products which are cost-effective, and are easy to handle, transport & install.
  • Completely resistant to chemicals, electrolytic, and galvanic corrosion our UPVC fittings are number one choice
  • They are completely hygienic for carrying Irrigation water as they are not susceptible to contamination.
  • Fire-resistant, they have self-extinguishing quality which makes them a safe option.
  • UPVC Fittings are unsusceptible to scale deposition, rusting, & weathering.

Dutco Tennant LLC is a heavily trusted and recognized company which is a leading supplier of engineering and industrial solutions in the Middle East and GCC region. For more than four decades we have been prevalent in the worldwide market and have earned our place of recognition by providing punctual and effective solutions for our customers. We not only provide products but we also provide a complete solution for every project.

IPS UPVC Fitting

IPS UPVC Fitting